Jeroen A. F. Boogers

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The use of phosphoramidite ligands in the rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition of potassium organotrifluoroborates to various enones in the absence of water is described. A systematic search for effective catalysts has been performed by use of high-throughput screening methods. Initially, we have screened reaction conditions, catalyst precursors,(More)
The monodentate BINOL-derived phosphoramidite PipPhos is used as ligand for the iridium-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of 2and 2,6-substituted quinolines. If tri-ortho-tolylphosphine and/or chloride salts are used as additives enantioselectivities are strongly enhanced up to 89%. NMR indicates that no mixed complexes are formed upon addition of(More)
The combination of monodentate ligands in the rhodium-catalysed enantioselective hydrogenation enables a new approach when searching for the optimal activity and enantioselectivity in catalysis.
Chiral phosphoramidites have been identified as excellent ligands for various metal-catalyzed enantioselective transformations. Taking advantage of their easy preparation and modular nature, we designed a fully automated protocol for the parallel preparation of a library of 32 phosphoramidites and its screening in asymmetric hydrogenation of amino acid(More)
Secondary phosphine oxides were prepared from R(1)PCl(2) and R(2)MgBr, followed by hydrolysis. They were obtained in an enantiopure form by preparative chiral HPLC. These new monodentate ligands were tested in the iridium-catalyzed hydrogenation of imines at 25 bar. Enantioselectivities up to 76% were obtained at L/Ir = 2. Addition of pyridine (Pyr/Ir =(More)
[reaction: see text] Ruthenacycles obtained by cyclometalation of enantiopure aromatic primary or secondary amines with [(eta6-benzene)RuCl2]2 or with [(eta6-p-cymene)RuCl2]2 are efficient catalysts for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation (TOF up to 190 h(-1) at room temperature). Enantioselectivities in the transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone ranged from(More)
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