Jeroen A. Croon

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Plasmodium vivax was maintained in experimentally infected Aotus nancymai. Positive monkeys were used as donors for culture material. After leucocyte removal with two different methods, including the classic CF11 method and a commercially available filter, parasites were grown under continuous shaking conditions in standard RPMI 1640, containing 20% human(More)
This paper presents a general weak nonlinearity model that can be used to model, analyze and describe the distortion behavior of various low noise amplifier topologies in both narrowband and wideband applications. Represented by compact closed-form expressions our model can be easily utilized by both circuit designers and LNA design automation algorithms.(More)
Three series of experiments were conducted to investigate the refractoriness of chickens to Trypanosoma (Schizotrypanum) cruzi. Firstly, 60 newly hatched chicks were inoculated with either bloodstream trypomastigotes or triatomine faecal stages of T. cruzi. The chicks were kept at low ambient temperatures, then killed at intervals and examined for infection(More)