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In a field study, dietary intakes, subjective ratings of well-being, cognitive performance, blood pressure, and heart rate were assessed during 6 days of ad libitum smoking and 2 days without smoking by using an electronic diary. The subjects were 59 younger and older female smokers, aged 25-35 and 55-65 years, respectively. Smoking abstinence significantly(More)
We explore methods of producing adversarial examples on deep generative models such as the variational autoencoder (VAE) and the VAE-GAN. Deep learning architectures are known to be vulnerable to adversarial examples, but previous work has focused on the application of adversarial examples to classification tasks. Deep generative models have recently become(More)
Community networks differ from regular networks by their organic growth patterns – there is no central planning body that would decide how the network is built. Instead, the network grows in a bottom-up fashion as more people express interest in participating in the community and connect with their neighbours. People who participate in community networks(More)
  • Jernej Kos, Breda BarbiË-Æagar, Mateja Groπelj
  • 2011
Mogu li pacijenti s arterijskom hipertenzijom i dijabetesom takoer imati dobrobit od primjene statina? W hile our ancestors had their own set of issues to deal with, the modern society and medicine face completely new challenges. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) represent the number one cause of death globally. It is estimated that almost one out of three(More)
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