Jernej Copic

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The science of social networks is a central …eld of sociological study, a major application of random graph theory, and an emerging area of study by economists, statistical physicists and computer scientists. While these literatures are (slowly) becoming aware of each other, and on occasion drawing from one another, they are still largely distinct in their(More)
We explore theoretically and experimentally the general equilibrium price and allocation implications of delegated portfolio management when the investor-manager relationship is non-exclusive. Investors transfer their securities allocations to managers, managers trade in a competitive marketplace to achieve new allocations, and payo↵s are distributed back(More)
The Guggenheim Foundation, and the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences for financial support. I am very grateful to collaborators on networks projects, who have helped me learn about social networks and the fascinating questions they present; and who are inexorably tied to the views I take herein. So I thank (in chronological order),
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