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—The number of small embedded devices connected to the Internet is increasing. This growth is mostly due to the large number of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, with applications such as: industrial monitoring, home automation, and others. One common aspect with the majority of application areas is the lack of mobility. Most IoT devices are stationary(More)
—The last years we are witnessing of rapid advances in the industrial automation domain, mainly driven by business needs towards agility and supported by new disruptive technologies. Future factories will rely on multi-system interactions and collaborative cross-layer management and automation approaches. Such a factory, configured and managed from(More)
—Data collection has always been a major challenge in sensor networks and various techniques have been proposed to enable efficient data collection. One such methodology is the use of mobile elements within the existing infrastructure to enable data collection. The paper proposes the use of existing mobile elements like mobile phones which have enough spare(More)
—A performance evaluation of a level-crossing analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is presented. It is shown that its signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) does not depend on the input-signal amplitude, which results in an almost-flat SNR for amplitudes that fall into the Nyquist criteria for irregular sampling. The influence of the reconstruction procedure on SNR is(More)
In a SOA-based system the applications are organized in a manner such that interoperable services can be used from different domains. In a process industry context, different domains can refer to, for example, process instrumentation and monitoring, execution of process control, data acquisition, etc. Large process industry systems are a complex and(More)
This paper describes a system where Internet-enabled sensor technology was integrated into a context-aware platform to give viewers of sport events an enriched media experience. The system was developed as a proof of concept and was evaluated during real-life use at the Vasaloppet crosscountry ski event. Using Bluetooth wireless ad-hoc networking and GPRS(More)
— The IoT research area has evolved to incorporate a plethora of messaging protocol standards, both existing and new, emerging as preferred communications means. The variety of protocols and technologies enable IoT to be used in many application scenarios. However, the use of incompatible communication protocols also creates vertical silos and reduces(More)
—Interest in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) in the automation domain has seen a rapid increase both from the academia as well as the industry recent years. Since green field plants today are not common, the partial migration of plant automation to SOA design is needed to introduce new functionalities. Thus strategies and approaches for migration from(More)