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Data from 13 National Atmospheric Deposition Program Mercury Monitor Network (NADP/ MDN) monitoring stations (1996-2002) and the Underhill (VT) event-based monitoring site (1993-2002) were evaluated for spatial and temporal trends. More precipitation and mercury deposition occurred in the southern and coastal MDN sites, except for the Underhill site, which(More)
Mercury and other contaminants in coastal and open-ocean ecosystems are an issue of great concern globally and in the United States, where consumption of marine fish and shellfish is a major route of human exposure to methylmercury (MeHg). A recent National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-Superfund Basic Research Program workshop titled "Fate and(More)
This article provides a summary of the Environmental Protection Agency's role in reducing anthropogenic sources of mercury. These efforts are expected to substantially reduce both mercury releases and exposure. EPA is aware that mercury in the environment is complex and that it must work with programs in other federal agencies, state and local governments(More)
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