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The next release problem is a significant task in the iterative and incremental software development model, involving the selection of a set of requirements to be included in the next software release. Given the dynamic environment in which modern software development occurs, the uncertainties related to the input variables considered in this problem should(More)
Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) is the field of Software Engineering that helps in solving the problems using metaheuristic approach rather than solving the problems manually i. e. it helps in providing the automated solution for the complex problems of Software Engineering. Search Based Optimization is used by SBSE to solve the problems in(More)
The next release problem (NRP) consists of selecting which requirements will be implemented in the next release of a software system. For many search based software engineering approaches to the NRP, there is still a lack of capability to efficiently incorporate human experience and preferences in the search process. Therefore, this paper proposes an(More)
Release planning (RP) is one of the most complex and relevant activities in the iterative and incremental software development, because it addresses all decisions associated with the selection and assignment of requirements to releases. There are many approaches in which RP is formalized as an optimization problem. In this context, search-based software(More)