Jerena Donovan

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Recent research suggests that many adolescents hold unrealistic and idealised beliefs about the likely consequences of pregnancy and parenthood. Such attitudes potentially play an important role in the aetiology of adolescent pregnancy. Disillusionment with reality may also contribute to postnatal depression, domestic violence and child abuse. This paper(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the contributions of child temperament, parents' alcohol use norms for their children and parent-child relationship quality to children's alcohol use norms. METHOD Observational and self-report data on these variables were gathered from mothers, fathers and target children during home visits to a(More)
In a prospective study 1256 pregnant women at their first antenatal visit were asked if they drank alcohol every day, occasionally, or not at all, both at that time and before the diagnosis of pregnancy. There were no significant differences, among the three alcohol groups, in the proportions having miscarriages, perinatal deaths, congenital anomalies, or(More)
The objective was to describe the utility of mixed methods to inform the development of an automated telephone intervention to improve patients' compliance with asthma medication. As part of intervention development for a larger trial, we conducted 15 focus groups (n = 53) to design and develop calls, and to identify factors influencing intervention(More)
RATIONALE Maternal prepregnancy obesity has been associated with early wheeze and childhood asthma in their offspring. Some of these studies have been in minority, urban, and disadvantaged populations using parental recall and questionnaires. The association of maternal prepregnancy obesity with bronchodilator dispensing to their offspring, in a primarily(More)
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