Jeremy Swayne

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  • J Swayne
  • 2002
The issues which have dominated discussion of homeopathic medicine hitherto are the efficacy and effectiveness of the medicines themselves and the problem of their mechanism of action. The resolution of these is of profound clinical and scientific importance. But there is another aspect of homeopathic methodology that is of equal, and perhaps even more(More)
The goal of science is truth through knowledge. But medicine's truth is not altogether the same as science's truth.Science works with ideas, imagination and intuition, but essentially has to do with facts. Medicine has also to deal with meaning.This is not an argument for less science in medicine, but for more and better science; better in the sense of(More)
The study and practice of medicine, in its most personal and intimate functions, its most sophisticated scientific and technological manifestations, and its philosophical and ethical ramifications, are central to our understanding of the human condition. Homeopathic medicine: its insights, the questions that it begs, and the scientific and philosophical(More)
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