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Effects of the four psychological primary colors were assessed by randomly assigning 40 undergraduates (13 male, 27 female) to 4 treatment groups, with each group receiving either red, yellow, green, or blue illumination. Anxiety state was assessed at 5-min. intervals using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. The red and yellow groups had significantly(More)
As invading species expand, they eventually encounter physical and biotic stressors that limit their spread. We examine latitudinal and climatic variation in physiological tolerance in one native and two invading populations of Drosophila subobscura. These flies are native to the Palearctic region, but invaded both South and North America around 1980 and(More)
The MCMI profiles of 131 psychiatric inpatients were examined to identify 1-2-3-8 codetypes on the basic personality scales, which reflect a schizoid, avoidant, dependent, and passive-aggressive blend of personality traits. Approximately 25% of the inpatient sample obtained the 1-2-3-8 codetype. Analyses of the diagnoses and clinical records of these(More)
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