Jeremy S Browning

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1. Caregiver burden is a three-dimensional concept. It reflects the impact of caregiving on interpersonal relationships; expressions of caregiver anxiety; and the personal impact of the caregiver role. 2. In the study presented, mental impairment had the most significant negative impact on caregiver burden overall, as well as on each of the three components(More)
Apostome ciliates from crayfish and freshwater shrimp in southern and central Alabama were surveyed in this study. Hyalophysa bradburyae was found on both crayfish and shrimp from 16 sites in eight drainages. A new species, Hyalophysa clampi n. sp., was found infesting crayfish at one site and simultaneously infesting crayfish with H. bradburyae at two(More)
Scrub typhus is an important emerging tropical infection that can have severe manifestations in children leading to intensive care admission. It is caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, a gram negative bacterium transmitted to humans by the bite of larval trombiculid mites. The organism is endemic in south-east Asia and the disease is reported from virtually(More)
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