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Intrinsic membrane properties are important in the regulation of motoneuronal output during such behaviours as locomotion. A conductance through L-type calcium channels has been implicated as an essential component in the transduction of motoneuronal input to output during locomotion. Given the developmental changes in calcium currents occurring postnatally(More)
Following birth, when mammals are relatively immobile, significant development of the motor system facilitates weight bearing and locomotion. Prominent cholinergic C-terminals develop on somata and proximal dendrites of spinal motoneurons during this time period. It is hypothesized that these terminals are essential in regulating motoneuron excitability and(More)
The present simulations were designed to determine whether the current}voltage (I}<) relationship obtained during voltage clamp was su$cient to characterise the kinetics and distribution of dendritic Ca> channels in spinal motoneurones. Two models were constructed, one based on a fully reconstructed adult cat motoneurone (neuromorphic model) the second a(More)
A man in his early 70s with a diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and being treated with prednisone, fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, and rituximab presented with progressive multifocal neurologic decline. The patient died 2 months after the onset of this decline despite extensive clinical and laboratory investigation and a trial of methylprednisolone(More)
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