Jeremy Powell-Tuck

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51 patients with Crohn's disease who were in good health while taking azathiprine, 2 mg/kg body-weight/day, for at least six months were allocated either to a group in which azathioprine was continued or to one in which a control tablet was substituted. The trial lasted one year unless relapse recurred earlier. The cumulative probability of relapse was nil(More)
It has been widely assumed that the activity of ulcerative colitis is related to differences in mucosal appearances seen at sigmoidoscopic examination. We have tested this assumption by making comparisons of the symptoms and clinical signs associated with three reproducible appearances of the rectal mucosa. By cross-tabulating 222 observations of each of 10(More)
Many central vascular catheters (CVCs) are removed unnecessarily because current diagnostic methods for CVC-associated infection are unreliable. A quantitative PCR assay using primers and probe targeted to bacterial 16S ribosomal DNA was used to measure the levels of bacterial DNA in blood samples drawn through the CVC in a population of patients receiving(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the changes in measures of fatigue after meals of varying composition, and to compare the relation of the fatigue with changes in the plasma tryptophan:large neutral amino acids (Trp:LNAA) ratio. SUBJECTS Sixteen healthy volunteers were recruited from staff and students at the College. DESIGN Subjects were tested for central and(More)
In a prospective, randomised clinical trial, 47 patients with severe, acute, non-infective colitis treated with 60 mg intravenous prednisolone daily, received either bowel rest with parenteral nutrition or oral diet. Although those who received 'bowel rest' experienced a reduction in daily stool weight, there were no differences in the operation or(More)
269 patients with ulcerative colitis and a history of less than 6 months when first seen at St. Mark's Hospital in the decade 1966--75 have been followed for up to 11 years. The outcome has been correlated with the maximum extent of the disease observed within 3 months of presentation. 75 patients required hospital admission, 56 within a year of(More)
Forty mg has been shown to be the optimal daily dosage of prednisone for outpatients requiring oral steroids for active proctocolitis. Although daily doses of oral steroids are commonly divided, a single dose each morning causes less adrenal suppression and is more convenient to take. A randomized controlled trial has been performed on patients with(More)
A nutritional supplementation trial (Vlaming et al., Clin Nutr 2001; 20: 517) enabled us to assess the nutrition of 1561 patients on emergency admission to hospital. Patients acutely admitted to the 15 relevant medical, surgical and orthopaedic wards were identified. Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) measurements were obtained in 95% (848 m, 635f)(More)
OBJECTIVE The discovery of leptin, a hormone primarily involved in adaptation to fasting, led to an increased interest in appetite regulation and appetite-modulating hormones. Here, we present unique data from a case of extreme starvation and refeeding, showing changes in plasma concentrations of appetite-modulating and metabolic hormones as well as(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS To determine whether the inclusion of 20 g free glutamine as part of the nitrogen source of parenteral feeds reduces length of hospital stay or mortality. METHODS In a randomised, double blind, controlled trial in 168 patients clinically accepted for parenteral nutrition, standard feeds were compared with feeds in which 3.8 g of the(More)