Jeremy Patin

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This study deals with the description of the vertical distribution of radiocaesium ((137)Cs and (134)Cs) in a representative coniferous forest soil, investigated 10 months after the Fukushima radioactive fallout. During soil sampling, the forest floor components (understory plants, litter (Ol-) and fermented layers (Of)) were collected and treated(More)
This paper investigates an H-fractal wideband microstrip filter with multi-passbands and a tuned notch band for wireless communication frequencies. The four different filter configurations explored are: symmetric with zero offset, symmetric with nonzero offset, asymmetric with zero offset, and asymmetric with nonzero offset. The effect of H-fractal(More)
Silver-110 metastable ((110m)Ag) has been far less investigated than other anthropogenic radionuclides, although it has the potential to accumulate in plants and animal tissues. It is continuously produced by nuclear power plants in normal conditions, but emitted in much larger quantities in accidental conditions facilitating its detection, which allows the(More)
Measurement of radioactive dose rates in fine sediment that has recently deposited on channel bed-sand provides a solution to address the lack of continuous river monitoring in Fukushima Prefecture after Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant (FDNPP) accident. We show that coastal rivers of Eastern Fukushima Prefecture were rapidly supplied with sediment(More)
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