Jeremy Murtaugh

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A whole-genome radiation hybrid (WG-RH) panel was used to generate a first-generation radiation map of the porcine (Sus scrofa) genome. Over 900 Type I and II markers were used to amplify the INRA-University of Minnesota porcine Radiation Hybrid panel (IMpRH) comprised of 118 hybrid clones. Average marker retention frequency of 29.3% was calculated with 757(More)
Recent advances in the use of microsatellite markers and the development of comparative gene mapping techniques have made the construction of high resolution genetic maps of livestock species possible. Framework and comprehensive genetic linkage maps of porcine chromosome 6 have resulted from the first international effort to integrate genetic maps from(More)
The moisture condition of a product must be controlled to obtain sterility and maintain product viability during ethylene oxide sterilization. A sterilization process in which prehumidification of product is used to provide moisture condition control was shown to be effective in 2 years of production sterilization experience. On-stream process analysis with(More)
Source/Description: A phage library was constructed in dephosphorylated BamHI digested M13 from size-selected (220±1000 bp) turkey genomic DNA restricted with MboI. The library was screened with P-labeled (CA)16 and (GT)16 probes. Positive clones were sequenced with an automated DNA sequencer (ABI 373) at the Advanced Genetic Analysis Center, College of(More)
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