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OBJECTIVES Self-critical people, compared with those who self-reassure, are at increased risk of psychopathology. However, there has been little work on the different forms and functions of these self-experiences. This study developed two self-report scales to measure forms and functions of self-criticism and self-reassurance and explore their relationship(More)
There is good evidence to suggest that depression is highly correlated with perceptions of low rank and subordinate status (i.e. feeling inferior, low-self esteem, feeling that others look down on the self, and submissive behaviour). However, it is possible for people to feel inferior and anxious, and behave submissively but not necessarily be depressed.(More)
The current study examined the impact of a brief motivational interviewing (MI) intervention (Project CHAT) on alcohol consumption and drug use for high-risk teens in a primary care clinic that provides health care for underserved populations. Youth (N=42, 48% male) were screened, and those eligible completed a baseline survey. Baseline survey completers(More)
Cross-lagged panel analysis of interview data collected from survivors of traumatic physical injury (N = 677) was used to examine the temporal relationship between anxiety sensitivity and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptom severity. The 2 constructs were assessed at 3 time points: within days of physical injury, at 6-month follow-up, and at(More)
BACKGROUND Although measures of psychopathology are designed for use in clinical populations, their meaning derives from comparison with normal populations. AIMS To compare the distribution of scores on the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation-Outcome Measure (CORE-OM) from a general population sample with the distribution in an aggregated clinical(More)
Previous studies in humans have shown the presence of an age-related reduction of hippocampal (HC) volume, as well as the presence of reduced HC volume in psychiatric populations suffering from schizophrenia, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Altogether, these data suggested that aging or psychiatric disease can have neurotoxic effects on the(More)
BACKGROUND The suicide rate in Scotland is twice as high as that in England. However, the prevalence of self-harm is unknown. AIMS To determine the prevalence of self-harm in adolescents in Scotland and the factors associated with it. METHOD A total of 2008 pupils aged 15-16 years completed an anonymous lifestyle and coping survey. Information was(More)
BACKGROUND Auditory hallucinations in psychosis often contain critical evaluations of the voice-hearer (for example, attacks on self-worth). A voice-hearer's experience with their dominant voice is a mirror of their social relationships in general, with experiences of feeling low in rank to both voices and others being associated with depression. However,(More)
We compared young people with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) with age, sex and IQ matched controls on emotion recognition of faces and pictorial context. Each participant completed two tests of emotion recognition. The first used Ekman series faces. The second used facial expressions in visual context. A control task involved identifying(More)