Jeremy McMahon

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Humpty Dumpty is the anthropomorphic nursery-rhyme egg broken into many pieces. Similarly, we have many pieces of measurement data to represent the current iBGP state. However, unlike the nursery-rhyme where the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again, we present a systematic approach to putting all the pieces of measured iBGP data together to obtain(More)
INTRODUCTION People living with and beyond cancer are vulnerable to a number of physical, functional and psychological issues. Undertaking a holistic needs assessment (HNA) is one way to support a structured discussion of patients' needs within a clinical consultation. However, there is little evidence on how HNA impacts on the dynamics of the clinical(More)
This study presents a comprehensive radiographic evaluation of bone regeneration within a pedicled muscle flap for the reconstruction of critical size mandibular defect. The surgical defect (20 mm × 15 mm) was created in the mandible of ten experimental rabbits. The masseter muscle was adapted to fill the surgical defect, a combination of calcium(More)
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