Jeremy M Richter

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Full details are provided for the total synthesis of several members of the hapalindole family of natural products, including hapalindole Q, 12-epi-hapalindole D, 12-epi-fischerindole U, 12-epi-fischerindole G, 12-epi-fischerindole I, and welwitindolinone A. Use of the recently developed direct indole coupling enabled an efficient, practical, scalable, and(More)
The first total syntheses of welwitindolinone A and the most complex members of the fischerindole family, fischerindoles I and G, are reported. Highlights of these short, protecting-group-free syntheses include the application of the recently developed direct indole-carbonyl coupling, a simple approach for installing the quaternary center with neighboring(More)
The invention of a method for the direct union of indoles and carbonyl compounds (ketones, amides, esters) is described. Using this new method, a short, enantioselective, gram-scale and protecting group-free synthetic entry to the fischerindole and hapalindole indole alkaloid family has been achieved from carvone and indole. Total syntheses of(More)
Full details are provided for a recently invented method to couple indoles and pyrroles to carbonyl compounds. The reaction is ideally suited for structurally complex substrates and exhibits high levels of chemoselectivity (functional group tolerability), regioselectivity (coupling occurs exclusively at C-3 of indole or C-2 of pyrrole), stereoselectivity(More)
Synthesis of (S)-Ketorolac Phil S. Baran*, Jeremy M. Richter and David W. Lin SUPPORTING INFORMATION General Procedures. All reactions were carried out under a nitrogen atmosphere with dry solvents under anhydrous conditions, unless otherwise noted. Dry tetrahydrofuran (THF), triethylamine, benzene, and dimethoxyethane were obtained by passing commercially(More)
The field of organic synthesis has made phenomenal advances in the past fifty years, yet chemists still struggle to design synthetic routes that will enable them to obtain sufficient quantities of complex molecules for biological and medical studies. Total synthesis is therefore increasingly focused on preparing natural products in the most efficient manner(More)
The invention of a method for the synthesis of 1,3-diols from the corresponding alcohols is described, via controlled, radical-mediated C-H functionalization. The sequence described herein entails near quantitative conversion to the corresponding trifluoroethyl carbamate, followed by a variant of the Hofmann-Löffler-Freytag reaction, cyclization, and(More)
Two novel series of meta-linked phenylglycine-based macrocyclic FVIIa inhibitors have been designed to improve the rodent metabolic stability and PK observed with the precursor para-linked phenylglycine macrocycles. Through iterative structure-based design and optimization, the TF/FVIIa Ki was improved to subnanomolar levels with good clotting activity,(More)
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