Jeremy M Higgins

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We report the synthesis, structural characterization, and magnetotransport of single-crystalline nanowires of manganese monosilicide, MnSi. Bulk MnSi has unusual magnetic orderings, helimagnetism, and skyrmions at ambient pressure, and high pressure studies have revealed partial magnetic ordering and non-Fermi liquid behavior. MnSi nanowires were(More)
We report single-crystal nanowires of magnetic semiconducting Fe1-xCoxSi alloys synthesized using a two-component single source precursor approach. Extending our previous syntheses of FeSi and CoSi nanowires from Fe(SiCl3)2(CO)4 and Co(SiCl3)(CO)4 precursors, we found that a homogeneous solution formed upon mixing these two precursors due to melting point(More)
We present the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactions of the single source precursor Fe(SiCl(3))(2)(CO)(4) over Si, Ge, CoSi(2)/Si, and CoSi/Si substrates to explore the growth and doping processes of silicide nanowires (NWs). Careful investigation of the composition and morphology of the NW products and the intruded silicide films from which they(More)
We report the synthesis, phase transformation, and electrical property measurement of single-crystal NiGe and ε-Ni(5)Ge(3) nanowires (NWs). NiGe NWs were spontaneously synthesized by chemical vapor deposition of GeH(4) onto a porous Ni substrate without the use of intentional catalysts. The as-grown NWs of the orthorhombic NiGe phase were transformed to the(More)
We report a general method for determining the spin polarization from nanowire materials using Andreev reflection spectroscopy implemented with a Nb superconducting contact and common electron-beam lithography device fabrication techniques. This method was applied to magnetic semiconducting Fe(1-x)Co(x)Si alloy nanowires with x̅ = 0.23, and the average spin(More)
We report the synthesis, structural identification, and electrical properties of the first one-dimensional (1-D) nanomaterials of a semiconducting higher manganese silicide (MnSi(2-x)) with widths down to 10 nm via chemical vapor deposition of the single-source precursor Mn(CO)(5)SiCl(3). The complex Nowotny chimney ladder structure of these homologous(More)
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