Jeremy M. Heiner

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It is well known that paper is a very fluid, natural, and easy to use medium for manipulating some kinds of information. It is familiar, portable, flexible, inexpensive, and offers good readability properties. Paper also has well known limitations when compared with electronic media. Work in hybrid paper electronic interfaces seeks to bring electronic(More)
Most current interface designs require that the user focus their attention on them in order to be of value. However, as the price of computation falls, and computational capabilities make their way into many everyday objects, the demand for attention from many different directions may begin to seriously reduce the usefulness of these computational objects.(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to determine if the human myometrium has receptors for insulin-like growth factors I and II and whether the concentration of these receptors is increased in leiomyomas. STUDY DESIGN Specific binding of iodine 125-labeled insulin-like growth factor I and II was examined in the membrane preparations of myometrium and(More)
This paper describes an architecture for supporting interfaceattuchments - small interactive programs which are designed toaugment the functionality of other applications. This architectureis designed to work with a diverse set of conventionalapplications, but require only a minimal set of hooks into thoseapplications. In order to achieve this, the work(More)
Diicult computations can be made more eeective and eecient if users can easily contribute to the problems these computations address. This article's purpose is an introduction to the potential increases in functionality and performance gained by the online interaction of end users with high performance computational instruments on single and on networked(More)
An intimate knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and specific issues related to anesthesia case management for thyroidectomy is essential to provide high-quality care. Airway management may be difficult despite a normal airway examination due to impingement of a thyroid mass on the laryngeal and tracheal structures.(More)
The objective of this Phase I study is to assess the acute and long-term toxicities of intradermal vaccination of cancer patients with lethally-irradiated tumor cells that have been transfected by particle-mediated gene transfer (PMGT) with gold particles coated with human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) DNA in a plasmid expression(More)
Distributed laboratories are environments where scientists and engineers working in geographically separated locations share access to interactive visualization tools and large-scale simulation computations, share information generated by such instruments, and collaborate across time and space to evaluate and discuss their results. The intent is to permit(More)
An increasing number of bariatric surgeries are performed every year. A thorough understanding of the pathophysiologic changes, surgical procedure, and anesthesia case management for morbidly obese patients and of the pharmacology of weight-reduction and anesthetic drugs is essential to provide high-quality anesthetic care. The various comorbidities(More)
Essentird prerqnisites to asynchronous work with shared artifacts include things such as an abfity to effectively communicate information, an abtity to understand the actions of co~aborators, and an abtity to integrate work from others. Systems designd to support ubiquitous co~aboration co~aboration that can scale to communities the size of the ktemet –(More)