Jeremy M Gibson

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Unlike flat sheets, crumpled paper balls have both high free volume and high compressive strength, and can tightly pack without significantly reducing the area of accessible surface. Such properties would be highly desirable for sheet-like materials such as graphene, since they tend to aggregate in solution and restack in the solid state, making their(More)
Two bread wheat lines each with a translocation on chromosome 7DL from either Thinopyrum intermedium (TC5 and TC14) or Thinopyrum ponticum (T4m), were hybridized in a ph1b mutant background to enhance recombination between the two translocated chromosomal segments. The frequency of recombinants was high in lines derived from the larger and similar-sized(More)
Thetwo-dimensional phase-adjusted spinning sidebands (2D PASS) experiment is a useful technique for simplifying magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR spectra that contain overlapping or complicated spinning sideband manifolds. The pulse sequence separates spinning sidebands by their order in a two-dimensional experiment. The result is an isotropic/anisotropic(More)
Using electron correlograph analysis we show that coherent nanodiffraction patterns from sputtered amorphous silicon indicate that there is more local crystallinity in unannealed amorphous silicon than was previously suspected. By comparing with simulations for various models we show that within a typical unannealed amorphous silicon film a substantial(More)
Using fluctuation electron microscopy, we have observed an increase in the mesoscopic spatial fluctuations in the diffracted intensity from vapor-deposited silicon thin films as a function of substrate temperature from the amorphous to polycrystalline regimes. We interpret this increase as an increase in paracrystalline medium-range order in the sample. A(More)
and Nb-doped SrTiO 3 films the Hall constant increases markedly below 100 K (29), it is less temperature dependent in LaAlO 3 /SrTiO 3 hetero-structures. In addition, the upper critical field of the heterostructures is an order of magnitude smaller than that of Nb-SrTiO 3 with the same T c. Finally, our observation of both superconducting and insulating(More)