Jeremy Ludwig

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The dynamic scripting reinforcement learning algorithm, designed for modern computer games, can be extended to improve the speed, effectiveness, and accessibility of learning in modern computer games without sacrificing computational efficiency. This paper describes two specific enhancements to the dynamic scripting algorithm that improve learning behavior(More)
The Naval Air Systems Command is introducing a new helicopter, the MH-60R (Romeo), for anti-submarine warfare and other uses. There are three crewmembers: the pilot, the airborne tactical officer (ATO), and a sensor operator (SO). The SO will be responsible for interpreting and managing a large variety of sensors. These sensors will be used to detect and(More)
In order for simulation based training to help prepare warfighters for modern asymmetric tactics, opponent models of behavior must become more dynamic and challenge trainees with adaptive threats consistent with those increasingly encountered by the military. In this paper we describe an adaptive behavior modeling framework designed to represent asymmetric(More)
Whenever an auto manufacturer refreshes an existing car or truck model or builds a new one, the model will undergo hundreds if not thousands of tests before the factory line and tooling is finished and vehicle production beings. These tests are generally carried out on expensive, custom-made vehicles because the new factory lines for the model do not exist(More)