Jeremy L Bretherton

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The detection of all of the aluminum present in steamed zeolite H-Y catalysts by (27)Al MAS NMR at 14.4 T (600 MHz for (1)H) and 18.8T (800 MHz for (1)H) is reported. Further, it is shown that it is possible by (27)Al MAS and MQMAS NMR measurements to clearly identify four separate aluminum environments which are characteristic of these materials and to(More)
Ultrahigh-field 27Al MAS and MQMAS NMR and 129Xe NMR were used to characterize the zeolite-coated SBA-15 materials. This study shows evidence that zeolite nanoclusters are coated on the mesopore surface of SBA-15. These techniques are useful for the detection of zeolite nanoclusters and different aluminum environments in zeolite/aluminosilicate composites,(More)
The crystal structure of kutinaite was determined from powder data on a synthetic sample obtained from pure elements at 623 K. The data were collected on a Guinier diffractometer and reflection intensitites extracted by profile-fitting assuming a cubic P lattice. The structure was solved by direct methods and then refined by Rietveld method to Rp = 13.4%(More)
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