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Dynamic update is a mechanism that allows software updates and patches to be applied to a running system without loss of service or down-time. Operating systems would benefit from dynamic update, but place unique demands on any implementation of such features. These demands stem from the event-driven nature of operating systems, from their restricted(More)
Climate change threatens to commit 15–37% of species to extinction by 2050. There is a clear need to support policy-makers analyzing and assessing the impact of climate change along with land use changes. This requires a megascience infrastructure that is capable of discovering and integrating enormous volumes of multidisciplinary data, i.e. data from(More)
K42 is an open-source research OS for 64-bit multipro-cessor systems, focusing on the PowerPC ® architecture. It uses an object-oriented design to achieve good performance , scalability, customisability, and maintainability. K42 supports the Linux ® API and ABI allowing it to use unmodified Linux applications and libraries, and can be deployed by running on(More)
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