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Dynamic update is a mechanism that allows software updates and patches to be applied to a running system without loss of service or down-time. Operating systems would benefit from dynamic update, but place unique demands on any implementation of such features. These demands stem from the event-driven nature of operating systems, from their restricted(More)
Stefano Nativi⁎, Paolo Mazzetti, Hannu Saarenmaa, Jeremy Kerr, Éamonn Ó Tuama a Italian National Research Council (CNR)-IMAA, C.da S. Loja, Zona industriale-Tito Scalo, 85050 Italy Finnish Museum of Natural History, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland Canadian Facility for Ecoinformatics Research, Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, Box 450,(More)
  • Jeremy Kerr
  • Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
  • 1995
An application to cost antibiotic therapy was developed using Object Vision, an object-oriented software development program. The application facilitates calculation of the cost of up to six antibiotics (three oral and three intravenous) in terms of acquisition, delivery, laboratory and complication components. The application consists of two files. The(More)
The goal of a network load balancer is to distribute a workload evenly amongst a cluster of back-end servers. At present there are a number of standard request allocation schemes to distribute requests but none of these can guarantee an even load distribution. In order to improve the request allocation decisions made, I present an implementation of a(More)
We explore the relationship between form and data as a design agenda and learning strategy for novice visual information designers. Our studentsw are university seniors in digital, visual design but novices to information design, manipulation, and interpretation. We describe design strategies developed to scaffold sophisticated aesthetic and conceptual(More)
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