Jeremy J Cottrell

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The pulmonary function and chest roentgenograms were evaluated in 88 patients with the CREST syndrome variant of progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS or scleroderma). Seventy-two percent of the patients had abnormal pulmonary function. An isolated decrease in diffusing capacity was the most common abnormality noted, followed by restrictive abnormalities and(More)
Heat stress (HS) disrupts redox balance and insulin-related metabolism. Supplementation with supranutritional amounts of selenium (Se) may enhance glutathione peroxidase (GPX) activity and reduce oxidative stress, but may trigger insulin resistance. Therefore, the aim of this experiment was to investigate the effects of a short-term high Se supplementation(More)
Premature infants receiving chronic total parenteral nutrition (TPN) due to feeding intolerance develop intestinal atrophy and reduced nutrient absorption. Although providing the intestinal trophic hormone glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) during chronic TPN improves intestinal growth and morphology, it is uncertain whether GLP-2 enhances absorptive function.(More)
Metabolic processes in muscle tissue in vivo result in the production of reactive oxygen species and oxidative compounds including superoxide anions and nitric oxide (NO). Reactive oxygen species can react with both lipids and proteins and often have deleterious effects, contributing to the onset of ageing and senescence as well as cell death. Nitric oxide(More)
The digestive systems of all species have been shaped by environmental pressures over long evolutionary time spans. Nevertheless, all digestive systems must achieve the same end points, the ingestion of biological material and its conversion to molecules that serve as energy substrates and structural components of tissues. A range of strategies to extract(More)
The ability of newer airliners to fly at higher altitudes has resulted in an increased altitude exposure to both airline crews and passengers. This increase in altitude exposure has the potential to place some individuals at risk for desaturation. Using pulse oximetry, the arterial oxygen saturation of 42 airline crew members was continuously monitored on(More)
Physicians often need to make prognostic judgments. In the present study, the accuracy was explored of survival estimates for patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). Estimates were made by physicians and nurses several times during each patient's stay in the MICU and were compared to those of the APACHE II scale, a widely used quantitative index(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of prognostic estimates, perceived benefit of treatment, and practice style on decision-making in critical care. DESIGN Randomized assignment of subjects to either of two versions of a questionnaire designed to elicit treatment decisions for six intensive care unit cases based on actual patients. One version offered(More)
The preoperative assessment before pulmonary resection is both important and difficult. Pulmonary function testing is imperative to assess pulmonary reserve. If the FEV1 is less than 2 L, differential perfusion lung scans are used for a more accurate assessment. Exercise testing may also be used as an adjunct for high-risk patients or procedures. Although a(More)