Jeremy Hofmeister

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AIMS The aim of the study was to evaluate the long-term results of allograft and prosthetic valve replacement in the treatment of infective aortic valve endocarditis with periannular abscess. METHODS Between March 1988 and March 1996, 65 patients underwent surgery for active aortic valve endocarditis and paravalvular abscess. The indications for surgery(More)
In young individuals, caffeine-mediated blockade of adenosine receptors and vasoconstriction has direct repercussions on task-related activations, changes in functional connectivity, as well as global vascular effects. To date, no study has explored the effect of caffeine on brain activation patterns during highly demanding cognitive tasks in the elderly.(More)
The various techniques of preserving the chordal apparatus in mitral valve replacement applied in 1,453 cases at a single institution between 1986 and 1994 are described. The techniques include preservation of chordal attachment to the posterior mitral leaflet only and to both leaflets with five different technical variations. The specific advantages and(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS OF THE STUDY The traditional method of aortic valve replacement with a homograft has been free-hand insertion in the subcoronary position. Recently, total root replacement has become increasingly popular. We present our experiences with both methods in this study. MATERIAL AND METHODS Between January 1, 1987 and March 31, 1996, 208(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with ischemic mitral incompetence have a high operative risk whether the valve is repaired or replaced. The advantage of repair over replacement is unclear in this group of patients. METHODS Between April 1986 and December 1994, 232 patients underwent surgery for ischemic mitral valve insufficiency; mitral valve replacement was(More)
BACKGROUND The success of heart transplantation led to the extension of the criteria for both recipients and donors. The aim of the study was to evaluate the experience with this therapeutic approach for end-stage heart failure at a single center. METHODS Between April 1986 and January 1996, 1,413 patients were accepted as candidates for heart(More)
Heart transplantation has now become an accepted treatment for end-stage coronary heart disease (CAD). However, the limited supply of suitable donor organs imposes constraints upon the decision of whether patients are selected for transplantation or for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). From April 1986 until the end of March 1992, 265 patients with(More)
Although chordal preserving mitral valve replacement is beneficial to cardiac function, the loss of flexibility of the annulus and consequent translational motion of the valve prosthesis during systole may cause potential left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) obstruction after surgery. The extent of the flexibility of the mitral valve annulus (MVA)(More)
Recent evidence indicates that caffeine may have a beneficial effect on cognitive decline and dementia. The current investigation assessed the effect of acute caffeine administration on working memory during the earliest stage of cognitive decline in elderly participants. The study includes consecutive 45 elderly controls and 18 individuals with mild(More)