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The new North American Varve Chronology: A precise record of southeastern Laurentide Ice Sheet deglaciation and climate, 18.2-12.5 kyr BP, and correlations with Greenland ice core records
New glacial varve records from long cores combined with records from key surface exposures and new radiocarbon ages have allowed the correction, consolidation, expansion, and calibration of ErnstExpand
Sterol Synthesis in Diverse Bacteria
Sterols are essential components of eukaryotic cells whose biosynthesis and function has been studied extensively. Sterols are also recognized as the diagenetic precursors of steranes preserved inExpand
C-4 sterol demethylation enzymes distinguish bacterial and eukaryotic sterol synthesis
Significance Sterols are essential eukaryotic lipids that can be preserved as steroids in sedimentary rocks for billions of years. Because eukaryotes are the predominant modern day producers of theseExpand
Synthesis of arborane triterpenols by a bacterial oxidosqualene cyclase
Significance Polycyclic lipids produced by bacteria and eukaryotes can be preserved in sedimentary rocks for millions of years. These ancient lipids can function as “molecular fossils” or biomarkersExpand
GDGT cyclization proteins identify the dominant archaeal sources of tetraether lipids in the ocean
Significance Archaea synthesize distinctive membrane-spanning lipids (GDGTs) that are readily preserved in ancient sediments and utilized as paleotemperature proxies to reconstruct sea surfaceExpand
Calditol-linked membrane lipids are required for acid tolerance in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
Significance It is thought that the distinct ether lipid membranes of archaea allow them to thrive in environmental extremes. However, it has been difficult to demonstrate this physiological roleExpand
Methane Oxidation and Molecular Characterization of Methanotrophs from a Former Mercury Mine Impoundment
The Herman Pit, once a mercury mine, is an impoundment located in an active geothermal area. Its acidic waters are permeated by hundreds of gas seeps. One seep was sampled and found to be composed ofExpand
A distinct pathway for tetrahymanol synthesis in bacteria
Significance Sterols and sterol-like lipids have critical physiological roles in both eukaryotes and bacteria. These cyclic lipids are also well preserved in ancient rocks and can function asExpand