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The value of using static code attributes to learn defect predictors has been widely debated. Prior work has explored issues like the merits of "McCabes versus Halstead versus lines of code counts" for generating defect predictors. We show here that such debates are irrelevant since how the attributes are used to build predictors is much more important than(More)
Zhang and Zhang argue that predictors are useless unless they have high precison&recall. We have a different view, for two reasons. First, for SE data sets with large neg/pos ratios, it is often required to lower precision to achieve higher recall. Second, there are many domains where low precision detectors are useful.
Feature subset selection is the process of choosing a subset of good features with respect to the target concept. A clustering based feature subset selection algorithm has been applied over software defect prediction data sets. Software defect prediction domain has been chosen due to the growing importance of maintaining high reliability and high quality(More)
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