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We tested the hypothesis that, given the consistency of tone-syllable alignment found in recent research, accuracy of tone perception is dependent on the accuracy of syllable perception. In two experiments, subjects either judged the number of syllables or identified the tones in nonsense sentences that were spectrally intact, low-pass filtered at 300 Hz or(More)
We present direct evidence of an activator-inhibitor system in the generation of the regularly spaced transverse ridges of the palate. We show that new ridges, called rugae, that are marked by stripes of expression of Shh (encoding Sonic hedgehog), appear at two growth zones where the space between previously laid rugae increases. However, inter-rugal(More)
The marketing team of a new telecommunications company is usually tasked with producing forecasts for diverse stakeholders with different needs. Consequently, those outside marketing often do not realize the many reasons for developing forecasts , nor the marketing theory used and the challenges involved in doing so. Based on our three decades of experience(More)
Satellite systems are beginning to incorporate complex autonomous operations, which calls for rigorous reliability assurances. Human operators usually plan satellite maneuvers in detail, but autonomous operation will require software to make decisions using noisy sensor data and problem solutions with numerical inaccuracies. For such systems, formal(More)
Convergent extension (CE) is a conserved morphogenetic movement that drives axial lengthening of the primary body axis and depends on the planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway. In Drosophila epithelia, a polarised subcellular accumulation of PCP core components, such as Dishevelled (Dvl) protein, is associated with PCP function. Dvl has long been thought to(More)
In this paper we present a novel technique for visualising cyclical data on a spherical display. We developed a visualisation that represents axes such as weekly and hourly cycles with an interaction that is topologically toroidal but visually spherical. This is used to develop a natural, continuous interaction for exploring temporal patterns on a spherical(More)
The 22q11 deletion syndromes represent a spectrum of overlapping conditions including cardiac defects and craniofacial malformations. Amongst the craniofacial anomalies that are seen, cleft of the secondary palate is a common feature. Haploinsufficiency of TBX1 is believed to be a major contributor toward many of the developmental structural anomalies that(More)
Quantum cascade laser gain medium modeling using a second-nearest-neighbor sp3s * tight-binding model" Abstract A ten-band sp 3 s * second-nearest-neighbor tight-binding model has been used to model the electronic structure of various Al x Ga 1−x As quantum cascade laser gain media. The results of the calculations have been compared with experimental(More)