Jeremy Ginsberg

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Seasonal influenza epidemics are a major public health concern, causing tens of millions of respiratory illnesses and 250,000 to 500,000 deaths worldwide each year. In addition to seasonal influenza, a new strain of influenza virus against which no previous immunity exists and that demonstrates human-to-human transmission could result in a pandemic with(More)
We describe a hardware and software system for digitizing the shape and color of large fragile objects under non-laboratory conditions. Our system employs laser triangulation rangefinders, laser time-of-flight rangefinders, digital still cameras, and a suite of software for acquiring, aligning, merging, and viewing scanned data. As a demonstration of this(More)
Teenagers compromise a large proportion of our population, and their technology use is a bellwether of future trends. Today's teens are coming of age with the rapid development of advanced communication and media tools. This paper describes a study exploring teen communication media usage patterns and their design implications.
The Stanford Student Computer and Network Privacy Project conducted a pilot study of computer and network related student privacy issues. As far as we know, this is the first such study to have been done on a major university campus. We address important issues that do not receive much attention, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act's(More)