Jeremy Fordham

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The increase in eosinophils at the site of antigen challenge has been used as evidence to suggest that this cell type plays a role in the pathophysiology of asthma. Aberrant production of several different cytokines, particularly interleukin (IL)-5, has been shown to result in eosinophilia. IL-5 influences the development and maturation of eosinophils in a(More)
Beginning with a screening hit, unique thienopyrazole-indole inhibitors of Itk (interleukin-2-inducible tyrosine kinase) were designed, synthesized, and crystallized in the target kinase. Although initial compounds were highly active in Itk, they were not selective. Increasing the steric bulk around a tertiary alcohol at the 5-indole position dramatically(More)
Biochemical and X-ray crystallographic studies confirmed that hydroxyquinoline derivatives identified by virtual screening were actually covalent inhibitors of the MIF tautomerase. Adducts were formed by N-alkylation of the Pro-1 at the catalytic site with a loss of an amino group of the inhibitor.
Microarrays of oligonucleotides or cDNAs can be used to establish the expression profiles of numerous genes in a single experiment. We have established a microarray platform to identify genes in a number of different pathological conditions, particularly those with an inflammation component. This platform utilised the output of an eosinophil sequencing(More)
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