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As mobile devices become more widespread and powerful, they store more sensitive data, which includes not only users' personal information but also the data collected via sensors throughout the day. When mobile applications have access to this growing amount of sensitive information, they may leak it carelessly or maliciously. Google's Android operating(More)
—Recent years have witnessed incredible growth in the popularity and prevalence of smart phones. A flourishing mobile application market has evolved to provide users with additional functionality such as interacting with social networks, games, and more. Mobile applications may have a direct purchasing cost or be free but ad-supported. Unlike in-browser(More)
The Earliest Deadline First (EDF) scheduling algorithm is known to be suboptimal for meeting all deadlines under global scheduling on multiprocessor platforms. However, EDF is an attractive choice for scheduling soft-real-time systems on multiprocessors. Previous work has demonstrated that the maximum tardiness is bounded, and has derived formulas for(More)
The SMS4 block cipher is part of the Chinese WAPI wireless standard. This paper describes the specification and offers a specification for a toy version called simplified SMS4 (S-SMS4). We explore algebraic attacks on SMS4 and S-SMS4 using Gröbner basis attacks on equation systems over GF(2) and GF(2 8), as well as attacks using a SAT solver derived from(More)
— Analyzing Android applications for malicious behavior is an important area of research, and is made difficult, in part, by the increasingly large number of applications available for the platform. While techniques exist to perform static analysis on a large number of applications, dynamic analysis techniques are relatively limited in scale due to the(More)
Application security is a crucial problem in today's technological society. Currently, there does not exist a place for discovering, learning, and testing secure design principles. Fireaxe is the pilot competition that attempts to fill this gap. Two teams, one in New Mexico, and one in California, participated in this trial run. We successfully show that a(More)
This research addresses issues arising from the convergence of two important trends in embedded systems: Many safety-critical applications are subject to 1. certification requirements. There in an increasing trend towards 2. integrated ar-chitectures that support multiple functionalities, often of different criticalities, upon a single computing platform.(More)
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