Jeremy Dunster

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Moderately (N:61) and profoundly (N:103) retarded or developmentally handicapped residents of a large institution were assessed using three audiometric procedures: behavioral observation audiometry (BOA, both speech and tonal), acoustic reflex measures (SPAR), and brain-stem auditory-evoked responses (BSAER) audiometry. The purpose was to compare the three(More)
Residents of the Huronia Regional Centre for the developmentally disabled (N:900) underwent otoscopic screening (canal "clear" vs "not clear") and tympanometric screening, including tympanometry and physical volume measures (Ss exhibiting Type B tympanograms were classified "hard positive"). Results showed that (1) by otoscopy, 53.2% of all Ss examined had(More)
The paper outlines a systemic approach to understanding and assessing safety capability in the offshore oil and gas industry. We present a conceptual framework and assessment guide for understanding fitness-to-operate (FTO) that builds a more comprehensive picture of safety capability for regulators and operators of offshore facilities. The FTO framework(More)
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