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In the Cf-9/Avr9 gene-for-gene interaction, the Cf-9 resistance gene from tomato confers resistance to the fungal pathogen Cladosporium fulvum, which expresses the corresponding pathogen-derived avirulence product Avr9. To understand R gene function and dissect the signaling mechanisms involved in the induction of plant defenses, we studied(More)
The crucifer Arabidopsis thaliana has been used widely as a model organism for the study of plant development. We describe here the development of an efficient insertional mutagenesis system in Arabidopsis that permits identification of genes by their patterns of expression during development. Transposable elements of the Ac/Ds system carrying the GUS(More)
The tomato Cf-9 gene confers resistance to infection by races of the fungus Cladosporium fulvum that carry the avirulence gene Avr9. The Cf-9 gene was isolated by transposon tagging with the maize transposable element Dissociation. The DNA sequence of Cf-9 encodes a putative membrane-anchored extracytoplasmic glycoprotein. The predicted protein shows(More)
The plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) has become an important model species for the study of many aspects of plant biology. The relatively small size of the nuclear genome and the availability of extensive physical maps of the five chromosomes provide a feasible basis for initiating sequencing of the five chromosomes. The YAC (yeast artificial(More)
Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs) comprise a large family of serine/threonine kinases in plants and protozoans. We isolated two related CDPK cDNAs (NtCDPK2 and NtCDPK3) from Nicotiana tabacum. These CDPK transcripts are elevated after race-specific defence elicitation and hypo-osmotic stress. Transiently expressed myc-epitope-tagged NtCDPK2 in(More)
In Arabidopsis ecotype Landsberg erecta (Ler), RPP5 confers resistance to the pathogen Peronospora parasitica. RPP5 is part of a clustered multigene family encoding nucleotide binding-leucine-rich repeat (LRR) proteins. We compared 95 kb of DNA sequence carrying the Ler RPP5 haplotype with the corresponding 90 kb of Arabidopsis ecotype Columbia (Col-0).(More)
A new system for insertional mutagenesis based on the maize Enhancer/Suppressor-mutator (En/Spm) element was introduced into Arabidopsis. A single T-DNA construct carried a nonautonomous defective Spm (dSpm) element with a phosphinothricin herbicide resistance (BAR) gene, a transposase expression cassette, and a counterselectable gene. This construct was(More)
The tomato Cf-9 gene confers resistance to races of the fungal pathogen Cladosporium fulvum expressing the Avr9 gene. cDNA amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis was used to display transcripts whose expression is rapidly altered during the Avr9- and Cf-9-mediated defense response in tobacco cell cultures. Diphenyleneiodonium was used to abolish(More)
To transposon tag the tomato Dwarf (D) gene, a tomato line that carries a T-DNA containing a maize Activator (Ac) transposable element closely linked to D was pollinated with a stock homozygous for the d mutation. Hybrid seedlings were screened for dwarf progeny, and three independent dwarf lines were obtained. Two of these lines showed inheritance of a(More)