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The powertrain of a simple electric vehicle is comprised of the power source (battery), electric drive (motor & controller), and power transmission device (sprockets, chain, gearing, etc.). Many electric vehicles operate in a direct-drive configuration, where the speed of the vehicle is directly linked to the speed of the drive motor (related by a fixed(More)
A method is suggested for modeling subsurface light transport through highly scattering materials such as marble. The technique is a natural extension of previous work describing the use of a lattice-Boltzmann method for calculating light transport in clouds and other participating media. Though the technique does not offer real-time performance, it(More)
2012 2 EcoCities is a joint initiative between the School of Environment and Development, at The University of Manchester, and the commercial property company Bruntwood. The project looks at the impacts of climate change and at how we can adapt our cities and urban areas to the challenges and potential opportunities that a changing climate presents. Please(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluations are routinely conducted by government agencies and research organizations to assess the effectiveness of technology in criminal justice. Interdisciplinary research methods are salient to this effort. Technology evaluations are faced with a number of challenges including (1) the need to facilitate effective communication between social(More)
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