Jeremy Cairney

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This study examines how an extensive set of covariates identified in previous research--sociodemographics, social stressors, health status and psychosocial resources--influence the age-depression relationship. The analyses were based on data collected for the 1994 National Population Health Survey (N = 16,291) by Statistics Canada. Analyses were conducted(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the relationship between time since immigration and excess body weight. METHODS Secondary data analysis of a cross-sectional survey of 19,600 Canadians. RESULTS The prevalence of excess weight (BMI > 25) increases with time since immigration for both men and women. After controlling for birthplace, socio-demographic, lifestyle and(More)
Software engineering continues to develop methods for process improvement and quality. The Personal Software Process is one way to introduce software engineers to aspects of process tracking, assessment and improvement. In this paper, we describe the software tools that we've constructed to support the planning and postmortem of software activities. We(More)
Class differentials in health have been documented extensively in the sociological literature of the past two decades. Although sociologists have been concerned with analyzing the relationship between social class and health, less attention has been paid to modelling the effects of minimizing social disparities on health outcomes. From a sub-sample (N =(More)
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