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We aim to develop a patient-specific biomechanical model of human spine for the purpose of surgical training and planning. In this paper, we describe the development of a finite-element model of the spine from the VHD Male Data. The finite-element spine model comprises volumetric elements suitable for deformation and other finite-element analysis using(More)
BACKGROUND In vivo assessment of bone density is insufficient for the evaluation of osteoporosis in patients. A more complete diagnostic tool for the determination of bone quality is needed. Micro-computed tomography imaging allows a non-destructive method for evaluating cancellous bone micro-architecture. However, lengthened exposure to ionizing radiation(More)
Visualizing the dynamic behaviors of immune cells in living tissue has dramatically increased our understanding of how cells interact with their surroundings, contributing important insights into mechanisms of leukocyte trafficking, tumor cell invasion, and T cell education by dendritic cells, among others. Despite substantial advances with various(More)
The migration of cells such as leukocytes, tumor cells, and fibroblasts through 3D matrices is critical for regulating homeostasis and immunity and for driving pathogenesis. Interstitial flow through the extracellular matrix, which can substantially increase during inflammation and in the tumor microenvironment, can influence cell migration in multiple(More)
BACKGROUND A study was undertaken to produce reference values of lung function in Chinese children and a means of calculating adjusted standard deviation scores of lung function for Malay and Indian ethnic groups. METHODS A cross sectional study of lung function (forced expiratory volume in one second and forced vital capacity) measured with a Jaeger(More)
This study investigated the wear resistance of three restorative reinforced glass ionomer cements (Fuji IX GP FAST [FJ], Miracle Mix [MM] and Ketac Silver [KS]). Microfilled (Silux [SX]) and mini-filled (Z100 [ZO]) composites were used for comparison. Six specimens were made for each material. The specimens were conditioned for one week in distilled water(More)
INTRODUCTION Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is the most common transmissible human subacute spongiform encephalopathy. There is limited literature on CJD in Southeast Asia. We describe the clinical course and diagnostic evaluation of 2 Singapore patients with biopsy-proven CJD. CLINICAL PICTURE Two patients presented with non-specific symptoms such as(More)
STUDY DESIGN Algorithm development for the automatic finite element modeling of patient vertebra. OBJECTIVE To present a technique for automatic generation of patient specific computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models for intraosseous PMMA cement flow simulation. The secondary objective is to demonstrate the possibility of using resultant PMMA cement(More)
Understanding of cancellous bone permeability is lacking despite its importance in designing tissue engineering scaffolds for bone regeneration and orthopaedic surgery that relies on infiltration of bone cement into porous cancellous bone. We employed micro-computational fluid dynamics to investigate permeability for 37 cancellous bone specimens,(More)
The relationship between the month of birth and prevalence of diagnosed asthma, asthma-like symptoms (wheezing, nocturnal cough, and exercise wheezing), rhinitis, and eczema was investigated in four cohorts each of primary schoolchildren and secondary school (high school) adolescents in Singapore by questionnaire survey. Significantly increased prevalence(More)