Jeremy Browning

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HIV entry into human cells is mediated by CD4 acting in concert with one of several members of the chemokine receptor superfamily. The resistance to HIV infection observed in individuals with defective CCR5 alleles indicated that this particular chemokine receptor plays a crucial role in the initiation of in vivo HIV infection. Expression of human CD4(More)
In response to thermal stress, many rocky shore organisms exhibit characteristic physiological changes associated with increased tolerance to subsequent high temperatures. Although presumably adaptive, activation of the heat-shock response requires a significant energetic investment and therefore may impose a trade-off between survival and other(More)
The rate and equilibrium parameters for the interfacial catalysis by recombinant human nonpancreatic secreted phospholipase A2 were determined. Results show that the enzyme binds to anionic interfaces with considerably higher affinity than to zwitterionic interfaces. The extent of hydrolysis per enzyme on anionic vesicles in the processive scooting mode(More)
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