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  • Stefan Kr, David H, +23 authors Jakob Sintring Tack
Motion analysis is central to many applications where time-varying image data are involved, such as robotics and multimedia systems. This thesis describes a new motion analysis framework using multiresolution a ne models. Traditional approaches using local translational models lack su cient exibility to derive robust and concise descriptions of motion,(More)
A stochastic aggregation technique is developed and used to reduce generally distributed stochastic transition systems to a soluble example. By aggregating carefully, we can derive the entire stationary distribution for the original stochastic transition system. This paper examines the possibility of constructing a solution technique for generally(More)
The prevalence of computer and communication systems nowadays have escalated the need to analyse their performance for purposes of capacity planning. (Closed) Queuing networks are widely used to model these systems, whose performance can be calculated analytically. Until recently, their performance was evaluated using exact algorithms such as Mean Value(More)
One difficulty in building a mechanistic model of biological systems lies in determining the correct parameter values. This paper proposes a novel parameter estimation method to infer unknown parameters, such as kinetic rates, from noisy experimental observations. Derived from the Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) algorithm, our method can predict the(More)
ions are useful. They save space and time both in simulation and verification, as well as improving clarity by concentrating on relevant aspects of behavior. During this Dagstuhl seminar, the usefulness and potential of abstraction has become apparent in a number of presentations: • Simulation trace analysis by verification techniques [31, 39] • Abstraction(More)
In this paper, we discuss the issues associated with proving complete equivalences within Non-Finite State Systems. The various forms of equivalence that can exist between two algebraically de ned systems can be intractable to demonstrate if the systems have in nite state order. This problem leads us to outline the following approach for enabling us to talk(More)
We consider the problem of dynamic resource allocation in a multi-class system under transient arrival streams. We propose a system consisting of a number of servers, which can be switched on and off dynamically, which is used to service paying customers. Different classes of service level agreements are offered, each with different charges for servicing(More)