Jeremy Bolton

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In the mid-summer months of June and July of 2003 some 6000 British Troops deployed to northern Kuwait to heat acclimatise in preparation for the relief of Forces then deployed in Iraq who had recently fought in Operation Telic. This paper outlines the clinical presentations and primary care management of heat illness as seen at a specialist Heat Illness(More)
Up to June 2001, 3000 British veterans of the Gulf War had sought advice from a special medical assessment programme established because of an alleged Gulf War syndrome. After assessment those attending were classified as completely well, well with symptoms, well with incidental diagnoses treated or controlled, or unwell (physically or mentally). Mental(More)
—We develop a vegetation mapping method using long-wave hyperspectral imagery and apply it to landmine detection. The novel aspect of the method is that it makes use of emissivity skewness. The main purpose of vegetation detection for mine detection is to minimize false alarms. Vegetation, such as round bushes, may be mistaken as mines by mine detection(More)
A novel Multiple Instance Hidden Markov Model (MI-HMM) is introduced for classification of ambiguous time-series data, and its training is accomplished via Metropolis-Hastings sampling. Without introducing any additional parameters, the MI-HMM provides an elegant and simple way to learn the parameters of an HMM in a Multiple Instance Learning (MIL)(More)