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n this article, we present a robot capable of autonomously traversing and manipulating a three-dimensional (3-D) truss structure. The robot can approach and traverse multiple structural joints using a combination of translational and rotational motions. A key factor in allowing reliable motion and engagement is the use of specially designed structural(More)
We describe a new, quadruped robot platform, Aracna, which requires non-intuitive motor commands in order to locomote and thus provides an interesting challenge for gait learning algorithms, such as those frequently developed in the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life communities. Aracna is an open-source hardware project composed of off-the-shelf(More)
Administering vaccines directly to mucosal surfaces can induce both serum and mucosal immune responses. Mucosal responses may prevent establishment of initial infection at the port of entry and subsequent dissemination to other sites. The sublingual route is attractive for mucosal vaccination, but both a safe, potent adjuvant and a novel formulation are(More)
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