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Maps and Politics
The question of whether the power and purpose of maps are inherently political is addressed by this book, which seeks to emphasize that the apparent "objectivity" of the map-making and map-usingExpand
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Introduction to Global Military History: 1775 to the Present Day
Introduction 1. The World of War in the Late Eighteenth Century 2. Empires Rise and Fall 1800-30 3. Moulding States 1830-80 4. Building Empires 1830-1913 5. World War One 6. Between Two World Wars 7.Expand
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A Military Revolution?: Military Change and European Society, 1550-1800
Preface - MILITARY CHANGE - Theory of the Military Revolution - 1560-1660 Reassessed - Change 1660-1760 - THE LIMITATIONS OF CHANGE, 1660-1760 - Constraints, 1660-1760 - Limited Operations? -Expand
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The Politics of James Bond: From Fleming's Novels to the Big Screen
The adventures and antics of James Bond have provided the world with many of the most gripping story lines of the last half-century. Fleming's novels were bestsellers in their day, and the Bond filmsExpand
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World War Two: A Military History
Cutting through over half a century of historical build-up, this new and convincing account of World War II uses a global perspective to explain the complicated course in military terms. Black, aExpand
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Rethinking Military History
Preface 1. Introduction 2. The Sound of Guns: Military History Today 3. Redressing Eurocentricism 4. Qualifying Technology 5. Setting Military Objectives 6. 1500-1815 7. 1775-1918 8. 1914-Today 9.Expand
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The command of the ocean: a naval history of Britain . By N. A. M. Rodger. Pp lxv, 907. London: Allen Lane. 2004. £30.
artefact of pre-'Celtic Tiger' Ireland. In accordance with all that is implied by that overused expression, Irish people are rapidly changing their perception of the built and natural environments,Expand
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Bibliographical Review
Seminal as it undoubtedly was for the United States of America, the American War of Independence arguably receives less attention than is appropriate. In America the Civil War arouses far moreExpand
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George III: America's Last King
The sixty-year reign of George III (1760--1820) witnessed and participated in some of the most critical events of modern world history: the ending of the Seven Years' War with France, the AmericanExpand
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The Power of Knowledge: How Information and Technology Made the Modern World
Information is power. For more than five hundred years the success or failure of nations has been determined by a countrys ability to acquire knowledge and technical skill and transform them intoExpand
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