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A newly developed reactive transport model was used to evaluate the potential effects of mine closure on the geochemical evolution in the aquifer downgradient from a mine site. The simulations were conducted for the Königstein uranium mine located in Saxony, Germany. During decades of operation, uranium at the former mine site had been extracted by in situ(More)
This paper presents the development of a multibody dynamics model of a VTOL teetering rotor. The developed model includes a teetering hub, containing a flexure and torque tube, rotor blades, pitch links, and swashplate system. A non-teetering rotor configuration, which modified the baseline teetering rotor by removing the teetering hinge, is also developed,(More)
The wider application of genetic screening is described in four Western Australian populations. Counselling with prenatal diagnosis of Down's syndrome was offered to 57 women over the age of 35 years and less than 16 weeks' gestation who attended an antenatal outpatients department. Forty-four women consented to amniocentesis and two affected fetuses were(More)
A state of the art CFD analysis (OVERFLOW 2.1y) has been coupled to an industry standard ice accretion analysis (LEWICE3D) and grid generator (Chimera Grid Tools) so that temporal growth of ice over 2D airfoils may be computed in a robust automated fashion. Results are presented for a SC1095 airfoil for two conditions. The coupled methodology was used to(More)
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