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We examine the sales of French manufacturing …rms in 113 destinations, including France itself. Several regularities stand out: (1) the number of French …rms selling to a market, relative to French market share, increases systematically with market size; (2) sales distributions are very similar across markets of very di¤erent size and extent of French(More)
This paper investigates consumer switching costs in the context of health insurance markets, where adverse selection is a potential concern. Switching costs contribute to poor choices when the market environment changes and consumers do not adjust appropriately. Though previous work has studied the problems of adverse selection and consumer choice(More)
This paper presents several techniques for recovering cost function estimates for electricity generation from a model of optimal bidding behavior in a competitive electricity market. Two techniques are developed based on different models of the price-setting process in a competitive electricity market. The first assumes that the firm chooses the price that(More)
OBJECTIVE To implement a "flipped classroom" model for a renal pharmacotherapy topic module and assess the impact on pharmacy students' performance and attitudes. DESIGN Students viewed vodcasts (video podcasts) of lectures prior to the scheduled class and then discussed interactive cases of patients with end-stage renal disease in class. A(More)
Option value arises in environments where an investment needs to be made under uncertainty. The decision to invest in postsecondary education is a perfect example. Students, as they learn about the uncertain educational outcomes, can drop out or transfer up to harder and more rewarding schools or even down to easier and less rewarding institutions, carrying(More)
In professional service markets, clients who are product market competitors are often reluctant to work with the same service agency. This can effectively restrict the choice set of clients seeking matches, and it may cause agency mergers to reduce efficiency even when static pricing inefficiencies are absent. To understand the importance of conflict, I(More)
two anonymous referees, and the editor Pinelope Goldberg for helpful comments and suggestions on prior drafts. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research. NBER working papers are circulated for discussion and comment purposes. They have not been peer-reviewed or(More)
The second author would like to thank 3M Corporation for financial support. We thank the anonymous firm for providing the data in this study. We thank Renu for copyediting the manuscript. Abstract Managers of retail chains who seek to add new stores or close existing ones need to know the net impact of a store's opening/closure on the overall chain(More)
FOREWORD The research presented in this thesis will be submitted to The Journal of Business Ethics, a peer-reviewed journal published by Springer Science+Business Media. This thesis has been prepared according to journal submission style for publication. The ethical integrity of companies is important to assess as companies face challenges that arise from(More)