Jeremy Alan Teichman

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We describe the effect of the equivalent pre-crack size (EPS) distribution errors on probability of failure (PF) of an FA/18 bulkhead. We distinguish two types of errors: (1) measurement errors of the EPS distribution parameters and (2) errors that arise because PF is typically calculated based on an EPS distribution with an infinite tail, while in a flying(More)
We report on estimating probability of failure (PoF) of an FA/18 bulkhead based on empirically obtained and published in open literature fatigue-crack growth and equivalent pre-crack size (EPS) distribution data. We demonstrate that the tail of the EPS distribution has a significant effect on PoF. Considering each flight to be a successful (i.e., no(More)
The cytoskeleton is a dense network of partially crosslinked filamentous actin that provides structure to cells. Modeling this complicated network requires understanding how its individual elements interact. Filamin 1 (known previously as ABP or ABP-280) is a large 2x280.5 kDa dimeric actin crosslinking protein found in eukaryotic cells that promotes actin(More)
We utilize fatigue-crack-growth and load-spectra data published in the open literature to estimate aircraft probability of failure (PoF). We show that because single flight PoF values should not exceed 10<sup>&#x2212;7</sup>, the behavior of the tail of the initial defect distribution significantly affects the predicted safe life. We demonstrate that even a(More)
Polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs) have been separated from DDT and its analogs and from the other common chlorinated pesticides by adsorption chromatography on columns of alumina and charcoal. Elution from alumina columns with increasing fractional amounts of hexane first isolates dieldrin and heptachlor epoxide from a mixture of chlorinated pesticides and PCBs.(More)
This thesis describes methods for calculating bounds for linear functional outputs which represent scalar metrics of systems described by parabolic partial differential equations. The methods reduce the cost of estimating the outputs by using constrained minimization principles to generate the bounds while bypassing full solution of the original(More)
We present a numerical method for calculating inhomogeneous refractive index fields in rectangular gradient-index (GRIN) elements from measured boundary positions and slopes of a collection of rays that transit the medium. The inverse problem is reduced to a set of linear algebraic equations after approximating ray trajectories from the measured boundary(More)
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