Jeremy Alan Elser

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Endothelial dysfunction and increased arterial stiffness contribute to multiple vascular diseases and are hallmarks of cardiovascular aging. To investigate the effects of aging on shear stress-induced endothelial nitric oxide (NO) signaling and aortic stiffness, we studied young (3-4 mo) and old (22-24 mo) rats in vivo and in vitro. Old rat aorta(More)
Clinical trials infusing Bone Marrow Cells (BMCs) into injured hearts have produced measureable improvements in cardiac performance, but were insufficient to improve patient outcomes. Low engraftment rates are cited as probable contributor to limited improvements. To understand the mechanisms that control myocardial engraftment of BMCs following(More)
RATIONALE The capacity for cardiomyocyte regeneration in the healthy adult human heart is fundamentally relevant for both myocardial homeostasis and cardiomyopathy therapeutics. However, estimates of cardiomyocyte turnover rates conflict greatly, with a study employing C14 pulse-chase methodology concluding 1% annual turnover in youth declining to 0.5% with(More)
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