Jeremy Aarons

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INTRODUCTION This article surveys and explores the relationship between epistemology and knowledge management (KM). Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and extent of human knowledge (Klein, 1998b). Knowledge management is clearly deeply indebted to many ideas derived from epistemology. Much of the seminal work in KM discusses(More)
In the last issue Anthony Short and David Tomlinson (1980) gave an introductory discussion of the use of games in medical education. Here, with Michael Billet and Judyth Aarons, they give a detailed description of three games which currently form part of the curriculum at the University of Nottingham Medical School.
The development and implementation of government policy, which we term ‘policy work’, is a complex challenge that needs to address cooperation and collaboration between multiple agencies and coordination of activities occurring at multiple levels within agencies, stakeholder organisations and the community. This paper describes an action-oriented Task-based(More)
This paper applies recent discussions about the implications of a disunified view of the sciences to the practical challenge of understanding and managing knowledge work in modern organizational settings. The main claim of this paper is that a disunified view will provide a rich and powerful analysis of knowledge work, and thus help provide the necessary(More)
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