Jeremy A. Lazarus

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The current era of managed costs and care create ethical dilemmas based on economic constraints and incorporation of principles of distributive justice. Traditional ethical concerns related to confidentiality, conflicts of interest, double agentry, and honesty are complicated by interference in the doctor-patient relationship caused by intrusive utilization(More)
I t is an honor to have been asked to write this cOfil:Illentary for a timely and important addition to the academic literature on ethics in psychiatric training. In 1991, the Ethics Committee of the American Psychiatric Association (AP A) reviewed Coverdale's (1) contribution at the AP A's annual meeting that indicated the paucity of ethics training in(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the incidence of postoperative ocular hypertension (POH) after cataract surgery in dogs. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of medical records. SAMPLE POPULATION 88 dogs that had had cataract surgery. PROCEDURE The effect of several categorical variables on the development of POH was evaluated statistically. Postoperative ocular(More)