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Moral personality of brave and caring exemplars.
Two contrasting types of moral exemplars were examined so as to identify personality variables associated with moral action. The sample comprised 50 Canadian awardees for either exceptional braveryExpand
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The integration of agency and communion in moral personality: Evidence of enlightened self-interest.
Agency and communion are fundamental human motives, often conceptualized as being in tension. This study examines the notion that moral exemplars overcome this tension and adaptively integrate theseExpand
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Towards a new paradigm of moral personhood
Moral psychology is between paradigms. Kohlberg's model of moral rationality has proved inadequate in explaining action; yet its augmentation—moral personality—awaits empirical embodiment. ThisExpand
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Moral actor, selfish agent.
People are motivated to behave selfishly while appearing moral. This tension gives rise to 2 divergently motivated selves. The actor-the watched self-tends to be moral; the agent-the self asExpand
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Reconciling the self and morality: an empirical model of moral centrality development.
Self-interest and moral sensibilities generally compete with one another, but for moral exemplars, this tension appears to not be in play. This study advances the reconciliation model, which explainsExpand
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Varieties of moral personality: beyond the banality of heroism.
Four perspectives dominate thinking about moral heroism: One contends that moral action is primarily instigated by situational pressures, another holds that moral excellence entails the fullExpand
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Political Conservatives’ Affinity for Obedience to Authority Is Loyal, Not Blind
Liberals and conservatives disagree about obeying authorities, with conservatives holding the more positive views. We suggest that reactions to conservative authorities, rather than to obedienceExpand
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A decline in prosocial language helps explain public disapproval of the US Congress
Significance Past laboratory research has shown that talking about helping others can make a positive impression upon a listener. We tested whether this basic social-cognitive phenomenon can helpExpand
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The application of Bayesian analysis to issues in developmental research
This article reviews the concepts and methods of Bayesian statistical analysis, which can offer innovative and powerful solutions to some challenging analytical problems that characterizeExpand
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